Paediatric T-Piece Circuit Range

Paediatric T-Piece Circuit Code 10415B
Code 10415B Paediatric T-Piece Circuit, featuring open 0.5L rebreathing bag,
2.1m fresh gas line with 15mm male machine connector.

Rebreathing Bags

0.5L, 1.0L and 2.0L bags are available. All our rebreathing bags are latex free and on basic T-piece circuits have open tails.

Connectors, Fresh Gas & Sampling

Fresh gas connectors available include 15mm male or 22mm female machine connectors, as well as soft 8mm PVC connectors for use with flowmeters with firtree connectors.

A capped sampling port is also available on the elbow connector.


In addition we have two options for scavenging setups:

T-piece Scavenging
T-piece scavenging consists of an additional T-piece placed in front of the bag, with a valve to control the rate of suction and a length of tubing.

Bag Tail Scavenging
A scavenging tube is attached to the tail of the bag for connection to an existing scavenging system. This tube is fitted with either a tap or a relief port.


These circuits are unable to be reprocessed. Regardless of the reprocessing procedure there will be an effect on the components which will reduce the integrity of the product. We cannot be sure it would be fit or safe for it's intended use afterwards.

For enquiries about our circuits, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.