Accessories & Components

Our connectors, rebreathing bags and tubing are available for those who wish to put together their own, customised circuits or add to other premade circuits.


Both single use and reusable connectors in a variety of different sizes are available.

All our connectors are selected based on ISO specifications 'taper fit' to provide a secure connection. Using a slight twisting action will help ensure a firm, secure connection and ease disconnection.

Rebreathing Bags

All our rebreathing bags are latex free and are available in one of three sizes: 0.5L, 1.0L and 2.0L. Reusable bags are also available.

Tubing Selection

Our breathing circuits are made with one of 3 main types of tubing; corrugated tubing, SMOOTHie tubing or expandable tubing.

Corrugated Tubing
Our corrugated tubing is a lightweight tubing with internal and external corrugations. It offers excellent kink and occlusion resistance under almost any conditions, especially during long cases. This tubing is available in both 22mm adult and 15mm paediatric sizes and a wide range of lengths. After many years of use it is considered the tubing workhorse for anaesthetic and ventilator applications.

SMOOTHie Tubing
SMOOTHie tubing features a smooth internal bore and external corrugations. It provides all the kink and occlusion resistance of corrugated tubing while minimising compliance. The tubing is easily draped and with an improved feel it is arguably the premium tubing available for anaesthetic use.

Expandable Tubing
Expandable tubing can be expanded or contracted to the desired length.

For enquiries about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email through our contact page.