Paediatric Circle Circuit Range

All our paediatric circle circuits are made with 15mm internal diameter SMOOTHie tubing.
SMOOTHie tubing features a structure that minimises tubing compliance.
Reducing compliance can be important with low flow anaesthesia in this patient group.
For this reason we do not offer circuits with ordinary or expandable tubing in this product range.

Paediatric circle circuits using low flow anaesthesia can be used in place of traditional T-piece circuits.
Low flow anaesthesia techniques have been shown as offering savings in drug costs. They offer the convenience of utilising similar techniques and equipment to adult patients.

Our paediatric circle circuits have been used in a wide range (5kg to 95kg) of patients, offering the flexibility to be used for a complete list.

Paediatric Circle Circuit Code S0466O
S0466O Paediatric Circle Circuit

The range of options for the different circuit types available are listed below and on other pages.
Do not hesitate to contact us wih your unique requirements or if you have any questions.


Circuits are available as either 1.8m or 2.7m long.
Featuring the superior SMOOTHie tubing allows longer circuits to be used effectively, specifically in MRI rooms requiring circles of 5 metres or even 9 metres in length.


Our circuits are available with different types of connectors to suit different makes of anaesthetic machines and anaesthetist preference.
Patient end Y pieces are selected for functionality and to minimise dead space, weight and interference.

Although anaesthetic machines generally have standardised fittings, these may have been modified to facilitate the use of reusable products and can vary, particularly the bag mount, or they may require additional tubing connections. We are pleased to offer solutions for all these situations.


All our connectors are selected based on ISO specifications 'taper fit' to provide a secure connection.
Using a slight twisting action will help ensure a firm, secure connection and ease disconnection.

Normal Use & Reprocessing

These circuits are designed (through material selection) not to be reprocessed.

Regardless of the reprocessing procedure there could be an effect on the components which may reduce the integrity of the product. Southern Cross Hospital Supplies cannot be sure that the reprocessed product would be fit or safe for it's intended use after reprocessing.

Determining when a circuit needs to be changed is reliant on individual hospital Infection Control policies.

For enquiries about our circuits, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.