Adult Circle Circuits

All our circuits are supplied non-sterile and latex free, including the retainer bands used in packaging.

All components used in our circuits have been selected for their durability and quality, but not for reprocessing.
Our circuits can, and have been used for up to 16 hours continuously (for one procedure) or when used with filters for longer periods (see below).
Determining when the circuit needs to be changed is reliant on invidual hospital infection control guidelines.

Local manufacture allows us to offer a wide variety of layouts and lengths to suit almost every theatre setup and patient requirement.

Adult circle circuit 10066SO
Code 10066SO adult circle circuit, featuring swivel Y without port, 1.8m circle,
1.8m rebreathing limb and 2.0L rebreathing bag.


Our most popular products available include:

10066SO - 1.8m corrugated tube circle circuit, with 1.8m blue rebreathing limb and 2.0L bag.
S0066SO - 1.8m SMOOTHie tube circle circuit, with 1.8m blue rebreathing limb and 2.0L bag.
10099SO - 2.7m corrugated tube circle circuit, with 2.7m blue rebreathing limb and 2.0L bag.

Other products are available, please contact us for brochures or to discuss a customised circuit.

Circle Circuit Types

Our circle circuits come in four basic layouts:
Circle Only - Contains a circle only: 2 clear limbs joined by a patient Y piece.
3 Limb Pack - Circle Only plus a blue rebreathing limb.
Anaesthetic setups may require a specific configuration for the blue rebreathing limb.
3 Limb Pack Complete - 3 Limb Pack plus a rebreathing bag (as featured above).
4 Limb Pack - 3 Limb Pack Complete plus an additional clear limb supplied as a complete pack.
(For use wih branded anaesthetic machines which may require an additional connecting tube.)


Circuits are readily available in 1.8m (6ft) or 2.7m (9ft) lengths for both circle and rebreathing limbs.
Extension sets are also available for cases or rooms where an extra long circuit may be needed.

Tubing Type

Our breathing circuits are available with one of 3 main types of tubing; corrugated, SMOOTHie or expandable.
Corrugated Tubing (basic) is a lightweight tubing with internal and external corrugations. It offers excellent kink and occlusion resistance under normal use. After many years of use it is considered the tubing workhorse for anaesthetic and ventilator applications.
SMOOTHie Tubing (best performance) features a smooth internal bore minimising compliance. It provides exceptional kink and occlusion resistance. This tubing offers improved drapability and 'feel' and it is arguably the premium tubing available for anaesthetic use.
Expandable Tubing (alternative) can be expanded or contracted to the desired length.


Our circuits are available with different types of connectors to suit different makes of anaesthetic machines and anaesthetist preference.

Patient end Y pieces are selected for functionality and to minimise dead space, weight and interference.
Fixed parallel and swivel options are available, with or without sampling ports.

Although anaesthetic machines generally have standardised fittings, these may have been modified to facilitate the use of reusable products and can vary, particularly the bag mount, or they may require additional tubing connections. We are pleased to offer solutions for all these situations allowing our customers to alternate hassle free between reusable and disposable configurations when implementing universal precautions.


All our connectors are selected based on ISO specifications 'taper fit' to provide a secure connection.
Using a slight twisting action will help ensure a firm, secure connection and ease disconnection.

Normal Use & Reprocessing

These circuits are designed (through material selection) not to be reprocessed.

Regardless of the reprocessing procedure there could be an effect on the components which may reduce the integrity of the product. Southern Cross Hospital Supplies cannot be sure that the reprocessed product would be fit or safe for it's intended use after reprocessing. Determining when a circuit needs to be changed is reliant on individual hospital Infection Control policies. For more information visit our FAQ's page.

For enquiries about our circuits, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.