Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products latex free?

All Southern Cross Hospital Supplies are LATEX FREE.
Some products contain 'rubber' bands to aid with handling and packaging.
These bands are not made of rubber - they are latex free as well.

What method do you use to sterilise your products?

Products made by SCHS are Gamma radiated to achieve sterility.

How long is their shelf life?

Stored under dry conditions and not in direct sunlight, sterile products have a shelf life of five years from the date of manufacture.

When not printed on the packaging, manufacture and expiration dates can be determined from the batch number:

Imported sterile products, namely Eagle brand ophthamalogical devices have the expiration date printed on the shelf packaging.

Can circuits be reprocessed?

Unless specifically noted, the majority of our breathing circuits are designed (through material selection) not to be reprocessed.

Regardless of the reprocessing procedure there could be an effect on the components which may reduce the integrity of the product.
Southern Cross Hospital Supplies cannot be sure that the reprocessed product would be fit or safe for it's intended use after such reprocessing.

Determining when a circuit needs to be changed is reliant on individual hospital Infection Control policies.

What is an OPF?

OPF stands for Order Processing Fee. Each order attracts a $25.00 order processing fee which covers freight, packing and all the other little things associated with getting your order filled and delivered promptly.