Latex Free

All Southern Cross Hospital Supplies disposable and reusable products are latex free.

Some products contain 'rubber' bands to aid with handling and packaging - we call them retainer bands.
These bands are NOT made of rubber - they are made from neoprene and are latex free as well.

Latex Sensitivity

Although the incidence of latex sensitivity is still low, it has become an increasing concern for healthcare professionals, not only in the treatment and care of patients but also as an occupational health and safety issue.

The problem has arisen from the increased and repetitive exposure or handling of rubber based products that exude sensitising proteins.

Although latex products are generally single use, rubber has been a favourite material for reusable medical devices.
Unfortunately, even clean reprocessed rubber devices can continue to exude the proteins, this means that rubber products reprocessed with latex free devices can contaminate any other products that they are processed with.